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Another crimson vision
Another sleepless night
Another worthless day
I need to rest

Every single morning as I breathe
Pain reminds me I'm still alive
As I fall awake into a new day
Shadows keep my mind confined

And dream overlies my world
Made by senses, carved in stone

Every single day an old mistake
I still pretend I can conform
And I find a reason to exist
Trying to live someone else’s life

And dream overlies my world
Made by senses, carved in stone

No one can see I’m trying to be me
Crawling out of my dead skin
No one can see the pain that I feel
I know these wounds will never heal

Creating a balance while breaking another
Judging the world while wearing a mask
Digging my grave while mimicking life
The fiction is finally over and the Turmoil comes

A silent disorder breaks into my mind sowing a subtle mistrust
Hidden behind a virginal snow it roars as a thunderous storm

They keep falling like flies
Like crows they blacken my sky
They serve a decadent banquet
Like locusts devour my dreams

I killed all I was to shape a new me
I bet all I had and I thought I could win
I battled with fury to set myself free
I cursed my own life and silenced my dreams

Now I can see, in spite of my feat
How bitter and vain the struggle has been
Now I can feel the winter in me
I’ll dwell in the cold to languish and grieve

Every single night I lay awake
I numb myself to soothe this ache
How I wish to cut myself to sleep
To dream the life I never dared to live

And dream overrules my world
Dazed by senses, drawn in sand


from Cain’s Embrace, released July 14, 2016
Music: Unscarred
Lyrics: Daniele Pavanello



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UnscArreD Italy

Thrash metal band from Milan, Italy.

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